Sunday, November 20, 2011

Organization feels so good

I love lazy Sunday mornings!

Have you ever heard of Erin Condren? A few weeks ago I had never heard of her! But, thanks to my wonderful friend Kellianne I now know all about She has all sorts of personalized goodies from Christmas cards to iphone covers. I instantly fell in love with her "life planner". But, what held me back? The price! It was $50.00. I just couldn't see myself paying that much for a planner [no matter how adorable it is]. Again, thanks to Kellianne for introducing me to plum district. It is a lot like groupon or living social. Plum District has deals often for The deal was pay $25.00 and get $50.00. So, I ended up only having to pay $25.00 for the planner [MUCH better!]
On Friday morning the door bell rang and I opened the door and found this beautiful package....
 "enjoy" the box said. Thank you very much I sure will!!
I was so excited about this planner!! If you have never seen one of these you are probably wondering what the big deal is....well let me show you....

 Yes, those are tabs! You can easily flip to the month that you need.

 At the beginning of each month there is still a full monthly calendar. But, also each week is broken down and each day has a "morning", "day" and "night" section so you have plenty of room to write all of your plans or to do's for the day.

She also sent me these fun sticker labels for free. Aren't they adorable!? 

This is probably my favorite part! At the back of the planner there is a folder for you to put things and a zipper bag to put coupons, grocery list or anything that you can think of. Isn't that fabulous? I am always just shoving my grocery list in my purse somewhere and then I get to the store and have to pretty much empty out my purse in the grocery cart to find the darn thing. Not anymore!

I have always been a "planner" type person. I am obsessed with making lists just so I can cross it off when I am done. There is nothing like that satisfaction of crossing something off my list! Anyone feel me? My husband makes fun of me. He just doesn't get it.

So, I am sure you are in love now too. So, go on over to Erin Condren and look around. They have so many adorable options for the cover of the planner [I'm just obsessed with the color pink and the chevron print]. If a planner isn't really your thing, she has tons of adorable personalized things [they would all make great Christmas gifts too]. Who doesn't love something with their name on it?!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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