Sunday, November 20, 2011

Organization feels so good

I love lazy Sunday mornings!

Have you ever heard of Erin Condren? A few weeks ago I had never heard of her! But, thanks to my wonderful friend Kellianne I now know all about She has all sorts of personalized goodies from Christmas cards to iphone covers. I instantly fell in love with her "life planner". But, what held me back? The price! It was $50.00. I just couldn't see myself paying that much for a planner [no matter how adorable it is]. Again, thanks to Kellianne for introducing me to plum district. It is a lot like groupon or living social. Plum District has deals often for The deal was pay $25.00 and get $50.00. So, I ended up only having to pay $25.00 for the planner [MUCH better!]
On Friday morning the door bell rang and I opened the door and found this beautiful package....
 "enjoy" the box said. Thank you very much I sure will!!
I was so excited about this planner!! If you have never seen one of these you are probably wondering what the big deal is....well let me show you....

 Yes, those are tabs! You can easily flip to the month that you need.

 At the beginning of each month there is still a full monthly calendar. But, also each week is broken down and each day has a "morning", "day" and "night" section so you have plenty of room to write all of your plans or to do's for the day.

She also sent me these fun sticker labels for free. Aren't they adorable!? 

This is probably my favorite part! At the back of the planner there is a folder for you to put things and a zipper bag to put coupons, grocery list or anything that you can think of. Isn't that fabulous? I am always just shoving my grocery list in my purse somewhere and then I get to the store and have to pretty much empty out my purse in the grocery cart to find the darn thing. Not anymore!

I have always been a "planner" type person. I am obsessed with making lists just so I can cross it off when I am done. There is nothing like that satisfaction of crossing something off my list! Anyone feel me? My husband makes fun of me. He just doesn't get it.

So, I am sure you are in love now too. So, go on over to Erin Condren and look around. They have so many adorable options for the cover of the planner [I'm just obsessed with the color pink and the chevron print]. If a planner isn't really your thing, she has tons of adorable personalized things [they would all make great Christmas gifts too]. Who doesn't love something with their name on it?!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

There are things we all use everyday that we are in love/obsessed with. Some of these things we might even feel like we can't live with out it don't want to live without it. Here are a few of those things for me....

If you have not yet experienced Pinterest, I urge you to! After being introduced to this virtual pinboard by my sister Abby, I was very quickly obsessed! Any one else have a hundred websites bookmarked on their computer and hundreds of pictures saved!? Yup, that was me. Just by clicking a simple button I can easily "pin" it to the board of my choice and go back to that website/tutorial at anytime. Pure genius! I sure would like to meet the person who invented Pinterest!

This coffee machine is literally what gets me out of bed every morning! I turn it on, put a little k-cup inside [my personal fav is Gloria Jean's Hazelnut] and press what size cup I want and then BAM....the most delicious cup of coffee I have ever had is ready in less than 30 seconds. Not only is it super delicious and fast but, there is no mess! There is no coffee filter to clean out. You just take the little k-cup out and toss it in the trash. The ONLY downside I can find is that the k-cups can get a little expensive if you go through them fast. But, in my house I am the only coffee drinker and I only have one cup a day. Plus, I never go to starbucks anymore. Seriously I don't! That's how good this machine is. So, if you do not have one you should really look into it! I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond and used the 20% off coupon.

I have always been a candle person. I love when the smell of a candle fills the whole house! Maybe it was because my mom always had candles lit. Candles make it feel more like home to me. But, there is a downside to candles. There has been so many times I have lit my favorite candle and then 30 minutes later needed to leave the house. So, I would have to blow out the candle before the top layer completely liquefied. I HATE that because you totally mess up the candle and how it will burn from there on out. This is why I have fallen in love with Scentsy. They have SO many wonderful scents to choose from. And it lasts a million times longer [yeah, that's right a million longer] than a candle. The wax you use are called "bricks" and they are $20 for a pack. I have half of my brick pack in my warmer right now and have had it in there for months [I am not lying]. I turn my warmer on almost everyday and it still smells great! If I turn my warmer on and then need to leave the house, I just easily turn it back off. Nothing is messed up or ruined! Also, I have gone to bed before and left one on all night and when I woke up it still smelled wonderful and still wasn't super hot to the touch. And..... if that is not enough, I just recently found out that the wax from your old candles can be used in the warmer. I have a slight obsession with the scent "Diva" from the Tyler Candle Company. But, I just found out that when my candle gets too low to burn I can get an exacto knife and get out the wax and put it into my Scentsy warmer. Now really yall.....who doesn't want one of these!?! Take a look at their website. They have so many cute warmers that will match anyone's decor. Also, if you want to order anything let me know I have a friend that sells it.  :)

So, these are a few of my favorite things. I would love to hear what some of yours are!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So Very Excited!

In my first post I mentioned that I was going to be selling some of my things at a store and that I would share more information on that later. Well, later is now! I have rented a small space in a store called Purple Patty. Purple Patty was previously a store named "Antiques" in the Township Square Shopping Center. But, just recently she has moved her store across the parking lot [next door to Latte Tots] into a much bigger space. Purple Patty is more antiques and collectables but, with her bigger space she was able to rent out space to other vendors. I am very excited to say, I am one of her new vendors! I will be moving my stuff in next week and our tentative grand opening is next Thursday the 17th. Here is a preview of a few things I will be selling at the store....

I hope you can stop by the store sometime!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like....

I realize that it's only November. But, it's hard not to get in the Christmas spirit when every store you go into already has all of their Christmas decorations and goodies out. So, after leaving Hobby Lobby last week feeling very festive and in the Christmas mood....I went home and starting thinking/researching a Christmas wreath for our front door. {I have a small obsession with wreaths lately} I found a few that I loved but, wanted to attempt to make it myself. So, back to hobby lobby I went. When I got to Hobby Lobby, I was very happy to find out that all Christmas decorations and crafts were 50% off. You gotta love Hob Lob!!

Instead of doing other things around the house today {laundry, cleaning, school work}   I decided I would attempt to make the wreath. This is how it came out....

Don't worry I did not leave it on my front door. I just put it there for the picture. I will put it away until after Thanksgiving. Seeing it in the pictures makes me want to tweak a few things... maybe add the letter "J" in the middle to personalize it. But, overall I am pretty happy with the finished product! I am tossing around the idea of adding this to the Plum Berry Creek facebook page. What do you think I should do?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Showing the love!

Just incase you didn't blog has a new look. When I first decided to start a blog I was so excited to make it look fun and cute. But, I soon realized how hard that was to do. I found a few sites that had free blog layouts (which is what I had before this layout) but, it looked totally different from our Plum Berry Creek "logo" on facebook. So, I started my search for a custom blog layout. For those who have never looked into that, let me just tell you it can get pretty very expensive! Then I came across this lady who sold custom layouts on Etsy for a VERY good price. She was so fantastic to work with. She let me have a say the whole entire way and did not finish until I was 100% happy. So, for any of you out there that might be looking for a "new look" for your blog or know someone that is, you should definitely look into Three Little Birdies .

On a different note. The last couple days the weather has gotten cooler and it is really starting to feel like Fall. So, I'm going to leave you with a few pictures of my favorite Fall decorating ideas.

Happy Fall Yall!!